Corgibutton Antispark switch 6s-12s 60A

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Put this switch between your battery and your speed controller to prevent the spark when connecting the cables and switch on your device with a simple and small button!

The switch features two separate power circuits, one to charge up the big capacitors of the ESC at the beginning and one to handle the current for the motor. The second power circuit activates itself after a short period of time.
So it's basically an automated XT60-S connector.

- Input voltage 6s to 12s
- 60A current (onboard 60A fuse)
- external SPST switch required
- 12V output for the switch LED if you choose to use an LED switch
- dimension 64mm x 39mm x 16mm (about two 18650 cells)

If the picture is too small please right click on it and click "Open picture in new tab".

Install in this order:

1. On the backside of the blue board you will find the names of the pads.
Do not start connecting yet!
BAT+ : Positive battery wire
BAT- : Negative battery wire
OUT+ : Positive wire of your ESC
OUT- : Negative wire of your ESC
SW1: Solder one of the two switch wires here
SW2: Solder the other switch wire here
LED+ (optional): Solder the positive wire of the LED here
LED- (optional): Solder the negative wire of the LED here

2. Check out the schematic of the switch above, only continue if you
completely understood where to connect the wires , else please email me at

3. Solder the two leads of the external SPST switch onto the correct pads of the blue board (SW1 and SW2) and put it in OFF position (important)!

4. Connect your battery and your ESC to the blue antispark switch
Battery to the input side BAT+ and BAT-
ESC to the output side OUT+ and OUT-
either directly or with additional connectors (XT60, XT90 etc.) inbetween.